Earl Carlo Guevarra

Earl Carlo Guevarra is a teacher by day and writer by night. His work has appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippines Graphic, CSGO2ASIA and Dot Esports, among other publications.

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Guest Opinion: Making The Case for War Robots as an Esport - War Robots

This is a guest article by one of our players. Don't forget to check out the author's blog for more content! With its burgeoning clans, spectator-friendly UI, countless rivalries and an active community which boasts tens of thousands of members from all over the world, one would think that War Robots would have become a mobile electronic sport at this point. In this one, we’ll see not the reasons why War Robots is not an esport yet, but why should War Robots think of being one – and how could

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Eerie in Marawi

As I was scrolling through my social media feed on a seemingly typical afternoon, I saw pictures of armed men roaming nondescript streets lined by structures made of wood and concrete. Little did I know that I was looking at the makings of another attack on a city—and according to the initial news reports, the situation had somewhat run out of control in the early hours of the siege. Subsequently sketchy pictures and reports of depressing things came through. Even at that point, people were sti

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I thought it would be just another sunny day. I thought I would just visit the travel agent on Camins Avenue, go to the pueblo with my close friends for a bite, and then return home to Putik with thoughts of Manila and Istanbul popping in my head like popcorn. Instead, I woke up to gunshots and explosions, and when we turned on the radio, we realized that it would be an unforgettable day in Zamboanga City. We learned that dozens of men landed in Rio Hondo and Santa Barbara at 1 a.m., supposedl

A Plea to Those Who Dream

Life is beautiful for those who dream big. It is not because they have something to hold onto; it is because they find layers of meaning through the dreams they pursue. It is beautiful not just because it is a source of euphoria for them, but because they know they can inspire more people to pursue their dreams, and to spread love around the world. For those who dream, life is like a magnificent train station. You meet people, you get to taste the finest cuisine, you explore beautiful sights...

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I thought that it was about rallies Laced with tales of bravery and defiance Maybe a column of tanks here and there And someone blocking the road But when I grew up Also comes from the heart It is the reply of the soul It comes with holding to one’s principles And staying steadfast to them Without losing hope for a better future It is also a rebellion of the mind To make us renounce the truth of our past Finally, it’s about never bowing down That makes us lose our human compass May

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The New Contenders of Asian CS:GO

It is said that the vitality of a competitive scene depends not just on the quality of its top contenders, but also the frequency of new and rising teams. Just a year ago, only one or two teams from each country would make their respective marks in South East Asian and continental tournaments. Only B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape from Singapore was able to reach the global stage – and it required a big upset, beating TYLOO, in order to be able to raise the Singapore flag at an internationally-relevant tou

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Insights Toward a Better Asian CS:GO Scene in 2018

With talented players such as Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand breaking out on the international scene to BOOT-Dream[S]capes upset at the DreamHack Malmo Qualifiers, Asian CS:GO has found its string of successes in 2017 that allowed the scene to slowly garner worldwide attention. However, it is also an accepted fact that the Asian CS:GO scene is riddled with various challenges, challenges that are need to be addressed if the region is to grow to the World class level. There needs to be more investment

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Asian CS and the Slow Walk Back to Prominence

Not too long ago, Chinese team TyLoo was able to win a map against Ukranian giants Natus Vincere, as well as Danish side Astralis, at this year’s StarLadder i-League Season 2. They also eliminated the defending Major champions Luminosity in DreamHack Masters Malmo 2016, while The MongolZ displayed impressive results against their opponents at IEM Taipei earlier this year. With this turn of events, talk of Asian CS:GO regaining its place in the international CS ecosystem suddenly became abound.

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Has Astralis Lost its Starry Promise?

Imagine some of the best talents in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) lumped together in a group, speaking the same language, hitting their shots and sharing the same pages both in and out of the game. It sounds like a fairytale, no? Composed of five Danish players from the fabled 2015 Team SoloMid (TSM) roster, Astralis was born out of a desire to create a strong lineup that can go toe-to-toe against the best teams in the world. At the time of their founding, Fnatic with Olof “olofmeist

Get to Know PGL, the Team Behind the Manila Major

When the Manila Major has been announced, many Dota 2 enthusiasts have been asking about PGL. Why did Valve and the local organizers entrust this company with the task of co-producing the Spring Dota 2 Major? PGL, otherwise known as “Professional Gamers’ League”, is an eSports brand registered under the SC Computer Games Online SRL company. It is based in Bucharest, Romania and it is headed by Silviu Stroie, who is also the vice-president of the International eSports Federation (IeSF).

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Popular Culture Sites for FLE Students: An Overview

Hi! I’m Earl Guevarra, and besides being a senior student at the METU FLE department, I’m also a resident writer for the Philippine eSports Organization. Today, I would like to share with you five popular websites which I believe would help everyone in one way or the other. Here they are, in no particular order: TV Tropes is basically a website where works in every imaginable medium (literature, media, games, etc.) are being ripped apart into their most basic elements. For those of you who are

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From The Desk: Creative Writing

First of all, I would like to introduce myself a bit. I’m Earl Guevarra and I’m a student in my senior year at the FLE department. I’m really fascinated by books and writing; I’m known among my friends either as an avid gamer or as a regular scribbler (For those who don’t know, I always have an extra notebook where I scribble all sorts of things!) Now that it’s my final year here at Middle East Tech, people have started to ask me what I plan to do: I always tell them that I’ll take up my Master

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Being an international student at METU

I was still a greenhorn back then. It was my first time in Ankara, and at that time, I knew nothing about Middle East Technical University except that it was one of Turkey’s top universities. I also never expected that I will take up Foreign Language Education; at the time, I was thinking about getting a degree in Communication Arts or Creative Writing. I can vividly remember the chirps of the birds flying around the campus; I can clearly see the leaves that fall one by one to the ground, and